Our Creed

We believe that improving the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children is a noble calling, as it strengthens our society, demonstrates fiscal responsibility and, ultimately promotes the well being of all.

We believe in recognizing the value of all of our employees while fostering leadership, demonstrating integrity and pursuing a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

We believe that the way we treat one another in the workplace matters. We believe that following a culture of compassion sets us apart from other employers, creating loyalty in our employees and belief in our mission.

We believe in being a trustworthy and responsible partner for parents and guardians of our patients, our referral and funding sources, and health care professionals who share in the responsibility of treating our patients.

We believe that by living our core values and developing innovative methods to carry out our mission, we inspire our employees to build a strong and dynamic organization, offering a legacy of empowerment and hope to future generations.