Why Care Options for Kids?

Our Quality of Services is supported by:

  1. Unbiased Evaluators:  A true indication of need of service and treatment plans is established through Dedicated Evaluators who do not treat and are unbiased and trained to assess and determine the required treatment. This required treatment is based on extensive independent research conducted by COFK and Predictive Models and treatment designed uniquely to the patient presented for evaluation. This approach moves patients to meet plans of care goals faster than is presently provided.
  2. A higher-level of Medicaid Member & Patient Support:  Via dedicated schedulers and support staff to schedule evaluations quickly with the Member, within 24 hours of contact by the patient/patient family/guardian and treatment within faster timelines than typical while also providing services in both the home as well as clinic settings. This approach provides access to care quicker and is well documented in the process.
  3. A highly intensive audit, monitoring and oversight:  Is accomplished through a focused review agency ensuring compliance with removal of evaluation bias and timely treatment while monitoring high expectation levels of patient support, service and timeliness. This brings a greater performance result.
  4. Ease of access to care:  Accessing services via COFK is direct and easy with immediate evaluation which will also facilitate the ease and speed of transition to treatment and move patients 30% faster to meet plans of care and discharge.
  5. A PCP higher engagement level of Progress and Patient Details:  Working with the primary care physician, COFK provides in-depth details on the patient’s progress and ultimate achievement of Plans of Care – graduation from Therapy is a noted partnership between family/patient, COFK and physician. Patients that struggle meeting plans of care and eventual discharge are collaborated with more urgently with the physician and their staff.