TPTA Conference 2014

The Texas Physical Therapy Association Conference 2014 was held in Galveston, Texas on October 16 -19 2014. I attended the conference to represent Care Options for Kids. There were around one hundred exhibitors that existed of Medical Equipment Companies, Electronic Medical Record Sales, Rehab Hospitals, In-patient Clinics, and Home Health Companies.

It is always nice to see what our competitors have to offer and, any new Pediatric Home Health Companies that have popped up in the last year. There seem to be more small companies each year.

Care Options for Kids is very well known, we always have PT’s and PTA’s that visit us every year. This conference is mostly students (both PT’s and PTA’s) looking for jobs when they graduate. In the past couple of years we have notices there are more and more PTA programs and more PTA students.

We have a lead retrieval machine at our booth where we can scan the conference badges and it gives us all of the attendee’s contact information. I was able to scan around 200 Pt’s/ PTA’s that we will follow up with.